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Hibiscus Rodders Prize Giving Night 2017

Well, what a great prize giving night we had at Sharks, even though outside was cold, the temperature inside was warm with lots of happy people getting into the swing of the dress up. I personally wore a Christmas clown outfit, and enjoyed doing it with our lovely secretary Barbara wearing a Christmas tree outfit, but didn’t keep it on all night as she got too hot. There were others, such as Gavin dressing up as Jesus, Ian and Kerry Morley dressing up as an elves, and as for Graham Thoms, a FAIRY??? and Glenys was also a fairy, but she looked better than he did, and Frank and Helen, nice outfits, and just too many to comment on but you all certainly got into the swing of the event. As for the food, don’t think there were any complaints about it, what a feast was served up, ham, beef, chicken, steamed vegies, coleslaw, salads, peas, gravy, and plenty of if, and then there was the desserts, wow, awesome, how can you thank those that put in the effort of cooking everything, in particular Sharon Morris, what a great job you did along with all the others, you will know who you all are, and then a thanks goes out to the helpers, serving up, cutting food up, cleaning up, just goes to show you what a great club we have! And, to Gary and the band Vermeer, great job guys, as you normally do, and playing one of my personal all-time favourites, Whisky in the Jar, everyone enjoyed the music, and why not, it was just great, so a big thanks goes out to you all as well for putting such a great effort in to making the night a success.
Your president,
David Swan.

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